How do I Use the Gideon Bible App

Below are several simple navigation tips on how to become more familiar with the Gideon Bible App. 


  • From the main menu tap Bible,
  • Tap "Bibles" icon on the top right corner,
  • Here you'll see three main buttons "Versions" and "Languages" and now "Countries"
  • If looking for another version within the same language, simply tap the version you want in this screen
  • If looking for another language, tap "Languages", and choose from the language list. *(You can also use the search bar to find the language by typing the language name)
  • If you are looking for another language by country, you now have the option to pick Countries.  From here you can select the country by flag/name.  Once selected, a list of languages will populate for that country, where you can select your language and version.
  • Under "Versions, Languages, and Countries", you'll see a bar labeled "Recent Versions, Recent Languages, Recent Countries." You can use this section to quick access your recently visited versions. *(You can also use the "Edit" option, remove any version from your list of Recent Versions.)

To verify if a Bible has text and audio, tap on the "Bibles" icon in the top right corner or the current Bible you are in. Here you will see a list of versions. Each version has a little icon for text and audio next to Old Testament, New Testament, or Scripture Portions. If the icon is dark gold it is available, but if it is a light gold it is not available.

We continue to add more text and audio as they become available for us through our parent ministry, Faith Comes By Hearing.


  • Simply tap the book title at the top of the text screen (e.g. Genesis, Matthew, etc.); 
  • You will see a list of the books and chapters 
  • Select the one you want and the app will take you there

You can also navigate to a different book and chapter with the search feature:

  • Tap the Navigation icon from the text screen (top left corner)
  • Tap the search icon at the top of the navigation menu 
  • Enter your book followed by a chapter number 
  • You will receive results that you can choose from and get to your chapter


  • In the text screen, tap the List icon on the top left corner;
  • In the main menu Tap Downloads, then Download More Bibles;
  • If you want to download an English version, go ahead and select one of the versions in this screen;
  • To download another language, tap the Language icon on the top right corner to select from the Language list;
  • Once you select the version, the app will take you to download the audio and text.
  • For Audio, tap the left icon “Audio”. (*You can download a chapter at a time or a whole book with* **“Download Book”**).
  • For Text, tap the right icon “Text”, tap the arrow next to Old Testament and/or New Testament to download the whole section.
  • Tap “Done”, when you are finished, then the List icon, at the top left, and you will return to the app's main menu.

Now the content you downloaded should be accessible while offline. To view this, follow these steps:

  • In the text screen, tap the List icon on the top left corner;
  • In the main menu, tap “Downloads”;
  • Select the version you've downloaded, then go the chapter you would like to listen/read.
  • The download arrow (available only for audio), at the bottom left, should now be a black vague arrow, but if it is a bright grey, that means it has not been downloaded yet.
  • To navigate through your downloaded content use the double arrow (>> or <<) or the book title.
  • If you want to delete any downloaded version, simply go to the Download section, tap **Edit**, the minus sign (-), and tap the trash can icon. That should delete any content of this version you've previously downloaded.



  • Tap the verse
  • From the pop-up bar, select the red bookmark icon.
  • A red bookmark will appear right by the verse number
  • Tap anywhere in the text to resume.


  • Tap the verse
  • From the pop-up bar, select the highlighter marker icon.
  • Choose your color then tap the text to resume.
  • To cancel tap the verse and select, the white circle with the red line.
  • Tap anywhere in the text to resume.

Make a Note:

  • Tap the verse
  • From the pop-up bar, select the third Note icon.
  • On the Note screen you can create your notes and tap Done when you are complete.
  • A note icon should now appear by the verse number
  • To edit the note, simply tap the verse with the Note icon and make your changes or tap the Trash icon to delete.

Share a Verse:

  • Tap the verse you want to share
  • Select the share icon (last one on the right)
  • You devices Share screen will pop up with your available sharing options (you may need to enable Facebook and other social sharing options on your device to see them).


Please note that if your Bible version does not have a corresponding text (audio only), the search will not be applicable.

  • From the Text screen tap the menu icon (3 white lines in the top left corner).
  • At the top of the list you will see a magnifying glass, tap this to search.
  • Here you can type in keywords or phrases that are found in your Bible version (e. g. Love, Jesus, etc.), or a specific verse reference (e.g. Romans 10:17).

We Hope this helps, but feel free to contact us with any specific questions or concerns you may have at or click Here.




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